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Awaken the Healer Within

Self Love Initiation (Self Paced)

Self paced course (designed to take 3-9 months) for empaths in the helping professions or with a calling to the healing arts, to end overgiving, overwhelm, and overload, while learning a powerful self healing modality, so you can embody self love and give from abundance

with Dr. Joy Lovesey

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Take Live Course instead, Feb-May 2022 
3 month inner odyssey  ​
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Self paced inner odyssey

Who This Is For

Those sensitive souls and empathic ones who are called to be in service to others, who are wanting for that to be more successful, sustainable, pleasurable, and balanced, are invited to initiate into a self love practice, and learn to self-heal your own constraints to serving more effectively, without overwhelm, overload, or burnout. 

If this course is for you, you agree with these statements...

👍 I am an empath, or am highly empathic, and I am either working, trained to work, or called to transition into working in a helping profession (healers, counsellors, therapists, teachers, nurses, carers, support workers, social workers, or another person focussed service profession).

👍 I am willing to change some of my old habits that don't actually serve me and implement new ones in order to feel and therefore serve better.

👍 I want a deeper relationship to myself (and all of life!) and I am willing to look at the icky bits when that's what it takes.

👍 I want more balance in my life between work, relationships, health, family, spirituality, play, and creativity, and to feel a clear sense of purpose in all these areas

👍 I want to have an independent and sustainable self love practice, and want to learn from others (like Joy) so that I can empower myself to do this.

👍 I know I am the only one capable of transforming myself, and I am ready to take responsibility for my own healing.

👍 I am ready to decide powerfully to apply your effort to get the result of more self love and all that this brings.

👍 I have time to either attend or watch later the live sessions (weekly on Wednesday's) plus at least 20mins of independent practice per week

👍 I am comfortable in groups and respect group dynamics and other people's boundaries

If you said "no" to any of these, the LIVE course is not for you, but you would still be welcome to take the self paced version, because self love is for everyone!

If you resonate with any of these statements, then I had you in mind when I created this course…

💓 You are mostly successful in life in an 'outward' way, but something is missing on the inside - you don't experience an ease and fullness of self love

💓 You want to thoroughly enjoy your own company and be able to genuinely fill yourself up with love, and know this will make you better able to serve those you help

💓 You want to be able to fully receive the love, complements, and healing offered to you by others, but you sometimes feel like a sieve, nothing sticks and makes you feel better for long, if at all

💓 You want to heal your inner child by giving them the unconditional love they need and didn't get

💓 You don't feel good enough, and more certificates don't help, so you're ready to do the inner work

💓 You sometimes find yourself burnt-out (or close to it) overloaded, overwhelmed, or exhausted

💓 You feel that other's needs are more important, it's hard to consider your own wants and needs, and to value your own energy as much as others'


💓 You sometimes give even when you don't feel like it - you struggle with boundaries

💓 You sometimes feel your nerves are frazzled or shot, and either run on stress or collapse

💓 You take your work home with you often along with other peoples feelings and problems

If you said "yes" to even ONE of these statements (or more!) then this course is for you: I want to help you get the inside feeling great so that you can give your gifts to all those you help from a place that will help so much more, WITHOUT burdening you anymore!

This journey will empower you to cultivate a beautiful relationship with your self. 
From this foundation, so much else can flow, and you may experience deep shifts in other areas of your life as a result. 🌟


If you aren't sure if you need more self love, or what lack of self love looks like, here are some symptoms of lack of self love, that this course aims to support you to overcome:

  • Poor boundaries

  • A fierce "inner critic"

  • Frequent apologising

  • Self sabotage, including procrastination

  • Not trusting your feelings / second guessing yourself

  • Symptoms from over-empathising (taking on other people’s stuff)

  • Not enjoying your own company or finding it hard to be alone

  • Putting up with less than you deserve 

  • Attracting people with compatible wounds that play out with pain and suffering

  • Co-dependent relationships

  • Being a target for narcissistic abuse

  • Questioning whether your loved ones/clients really love you/respect you, or would still if they knew you better

  • Fearing you will be abandoned or rejected

  • Over-giving

  • Overworking / hyper-achievement

  • Imbalance in life, e.g. successful in work but not relationships, or vice versa

  • Feeling you are not good enough

  • Feeling empty inside

  • Stored unprocessed emotions like loneliness, grief and shame

  • Some forms of self neglect, including poor eating habits, including over/under-eating, poor self care, or tolerating unhealthy people and situations for too long.

Trying to create a sustainable professional practice under these conditions is TOO HARD!!! You are fighting against the inner current. I want to help END THE WAR inside, and give you tools that will empower you to end these patterns and then continue to help others WITHOUT suffering for it! 


The most profound and lasting transformation will be the result of your habitual engagement in the tools and practices offered through this process - for those who participate fully I know that what is taught on this course will be everything you need to get these results.


The vision I hold, and will do everything I can to support you to manifest is that your new normal will be:

  • Enjoying your relationship with yourself so much, and being able to stay present with yourself even in hard times

  • Being comfortable with yourself, finding it easier to express yourself authentically

  • More security from knowing you 100% hold space for yourself, and greater resilience in vulnerability (leading to increased capacity to hold space for others)

  • Knowing yourself intimately, and loving yourself unconditionally (meaning you can love others more unconditionally and be more present with them)

  • Clear boundaries you assertively uphold

  • Feeling clear and purposeful - if you already have a professional practice, this may become more meaningful and enjoyable, and if you've been struggling to get that set up, you will be able to do so

  • Advocating for what you are worth in all areas of life (hint: it is a lot!!!)

  • Passionate self encouragement, self belief, and calm confidence leading to greater success in reaching your personal and professional goals

  • Sweet enjoyment of life’s pleasures, more ease in resting and more joy in playing, and more spontaneous and creative flow

  • Giving from abundance and overflow

  • Effortless healthy habits and self care

  • Magnetic attractiveness to the right people, and more fulfilling and emotionally intimate relationships

  • Feeling whole, and full, and DEEPLY BELOVED

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The journey spirals through the aspects of belief, emotion, embodiment, and spirit so that self love embeds through all levels of being, to create a genuine and lasting transformation inside, and shift in your reality outside  🌟

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