Be Beloved

Self Love Initiation

90 days to end empath overload and burnout through self love​

Commencing Valentine's Day 2021
3 month inner Odessey  ​

live via zoom + eCourse

with Dr. Joy Lovesey

Who This Is For

Those sensitive souls and empathic ones wanting to initiate into a self love practice, and learn to self-heal your wounds and blocks through the modality of unconditional love.


The journey moves through the aspects of belief, emotion, embodiment, and spirit so that self love embeds in a way that will create a genuine and lasting shift in your reality. 

If you resonate with any of these statements, then I had you in mind when I created this course…

  • You are aware that you struggle with self love

  • You want to thoroughly enjoy your own company

  • You want to fully receive complements and love offered from others

  • You want to experience the kind of relationships you've been longing for

  • You want to feel more energised, passionate, creative and alive

  • You want a deeper relationship to yourself and all of life and are open to something more

  • You want more balance in your life between work, relationships, health, family, spirituality, play, and creativity

  • You want techniques that you can integrate and use independently for a sustainable practice 

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own healing 

  • You have time to either attend or watch later the live sessions

  • You can commit to an hour a week of self practice for 12 weeks

The aim of this course is that you cultivate a beautiful relationship with your self.
From this foundation, so much else can flow, and you may experience deep shifts in other areas of your life as a result. 🌟
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If you aren't sure if you need more self love, or what lack of self love looks like, here are some symptoms of lack of self love, that this course aims to support you to overcome:

  • Poor boundaries

  • A fierce "inner critic"

  • Frequent apologising

  • Self sabotage

  • Not trusting your feelings / second guessing yourself

  • Symptoms from over-empathising (taking on other people’s stuff)

  • Not enjoying your own company or finding it hard to be alone

  • Putting up with less than you deserve in relationships

  • Attracting emotionally unavailable / uncommitted partners

  • Co-dependent relationships

  • Being a target for narcissistic abuse

  • Questioning whether your loved ones really love you or would love you if they knew everything about you

  • Fearing you will be abandoned or rejected

  • Over-giving

  • Overworking / hyper-achievement

  • Imbalance in life, e.g. successful in work but not relationships, or vice versa

  • Feeling you are not good enough

  • Feeling empty inside

  • Stored unprocessed emotions like loneliness, grief and shame


The most profound and lasting transformation will be the result of your habitual engagement in the tools and practices offered through this process. The vision I hold for those who participate fully is that your new normal will be:

  • Fabulous company 24/7

  • Being comfortable with you

  • Knowing yourself intimately

  • Clear boundaries you assertively uphold

  • Feeling clear and purposeful

  • Advocating for what you are worth (hint: it is a lot!!!)

  • Passionate self encouragement

  • Sweet enjoyment of life’s pleasures

  • Abundance, and giving from abundance 

  • Self belief

  • Effortless healthy habits and self care

  • Secure connections

  • Magnetic attractiveness to the right people

  • Feeling whole, and full

What Graduates Say...

Course Format and Schedule

The Be Beloved Self Love Initiation process is a 12 week immersion


I will share the very best of the tools, practices, and resources that I have used and proved over the years in the clearest way I can. AND you will get free access to the online course platform where you can access…


  • Live footage of self love ceremonies and workshops

  • Teaching videos

  • Guided journeys 

  • Guided meditations

  • Downloadable audio

  • Exercises 

  • Pdf downloads

  • How-to’s

  • Journal prompts

  • Examples/ demos and inspiration

  • Community Forum

  • Self Love Music Playlist

  • + Bonuses

… and everything you need, as an ongoing companion to you as your self love journey continues and deepens long after the lives have finished.

This will give you the very best chance to really cultivate the life you want without a lack of self love blocking you. You’ll also get invited to the community group where you can get extra feedback, support, and inspiration from other beautiful souls in the self love tribe, including me.


The most profound and lasting transformation will be the result of your habitual engagement with these ways of being.

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 Schedule of Self-Love Sundays 

Retreat Day 1: Sunday 14th Feb: 1pm - 7pm 


Small Group Coaching Session: Sunday 21st Feb: 1pm - 3pm 


Retreat Day 2: Sunday 14th Mar: 1pm - 7pm


Small Group Coaching Session: Sunday 21st March: 1pm - 3pm


Retreat Day 3: Sunday 11th Apr: 1pm - 7pm


Group Integration Session: Sunday 18th Apr: 10am - 12pm

These sessions are all via zoom, links will be on the course platform, and if you miss them, you'll get the full recording to catch up in between.

About Joy

Hi, I'm Joy, and I'd like to share my story with you because it is through my own transformation that this work has evolved. If I could have been there for myself when I was suffering the most, this course is what I would have given myself. If I had it at the time, my life would be unrecognisably different, but what I am most grateful for about the suffering I experienced is that it has motivated me to be in a position to offer it to my soul-tribe. 

This is how this course was born: It was 2am in the Winter of 2010, and I was still a few hours from finishing a 5000 word chapter of my PhD on the dynamics of religious conversion. Even though my eyes were tired from reading and writing about what inner transformation was all about, learning all about the interplay between beliefs, emotions, and behaviour during the process of conversion that leads to life-long changes in moral outlook, behaviour, availability for divine grace and divine love, and the meaningfulness and purpose of life, nothing felt further from my actual experience. My five year research project, while it got a lot of accolades externally, internally felt like a frantic attempt to prove I was worthy.

I was trapped in my head - which was convenient as I was neck deep in books - but my life and soul felt empty… a dim shadow of the fullness I saw others enjoy. That wasn’t all - I was often overwhelmed by my emotions, and much of the time unable to contact how I was feeling at all. I was beset by depression and anxiety. I had no idea how to relax. My relationships were a war zone, my inner-critic was an unforgiving drill sergeant,  and my inner child a frightened refugee… frankly, I was miserable. I didn’t know what was wrong, and while I felt that there was something missing, I had no idea what, or how to find it. I genuinely saw no way out. This was my “normal”.


In that dark time, in the dead of that winter's night, it was somehow easier to notice my inner light - a quiet voice inside telling me not to give up. I knew intellectually, that merely knowing things doesn’t change much. I knew that I needed to live differently. So I made the decision: the pain of trying something new that might help, was less of a risk than continuing to live with the same struggles. I chose to put one foot in front of the other, and to try some new things in order to begin to heal.


"What unfolded for me, along the very lines I had set out in my theory of the conversion process. I can summarise this transformation in five words: I learnt to love myself."


At first I just experienced glimpses - an inkling that more was possible based on experiences I had when on retreat, during peak moment and in flow states, and when under expert facilitation on workshops and training courses. However, these changes were not lasting, and as soon as the experience ended and I went back to my life the same patterns came up again, the same habits and struggles reoccured. I knew I couldn’t live (or afford!) going from workshop to workshop, retreat to retreat, seeking and pursuing a temporary relief from my “normal” state.


A big ah-ha moment for me was learning that I was highly sensitive and an empath, and that explained why some facilitators, healers, and settings, didn’t really work for me - I needed a high level of sensitivity and attunement to really meet the needs of my inner child, and I learnt that the very best person in the world to do that for her, was me. So I consciously decided and set the intention to take full responsibility for my own healing, and to learn how to love myself. When a conversion happens there is no going back because the person you are irrevocably changes, and this was what I was seeking: lasting positive change. A new normal!


"My path - my healing path and spiritual path - became the way of Self Love."


I didn’t realise it at the time, but the model I’d created in my PhD could be generalised, and I was the first test subject for my transformational self love process that was based on this research, which drew from some of the greatest thinkers and mystics who have written on this area. I traded in late night essay writing sessions for early morning self love practices, reading every book and implemented every exercise I could get my hands on, and furthered my training as a healer. It took courage, work, and diligence to work through everything I needed to learn to love. It didn’t take long before I felt noticeable differences within myself, and my life took on a different quality, that felt increasingly guided and meaningful. I internalised some of the practices that I felt were effective, and went deep with them. I created some of my own, too, and found ways to refine and deepen the practice, with the benchmark for success always being the quality of my own experience. One moment at a time, one small action, one thought, and one feeling at a time, love found its way deeper and deeper into my system, until that empty feeling was replaced with a feeling of being whole, the painful loneliness gave way to joy, the deep pervasive sadness made space for aliveness, and the quiet despair turned into purpose.


When I think and feel back to that earlier time in my life I feel deep compassion for my younger self. I see a woman who did not know her own worth, value, and beauty, and who therefore allowed herself to be treated in terrible ways, and treated herself in terrible ways. I want to hold her, to look her in the eyes, and tell her how truly amazing she is, and how worthy of love! And if you resonate with any of the pain I have described, I want that for you too!

"My deepest wish is for all beings to be free from suffering."

I teach and guide other highly sensitive and empathic souls to make their own lasting transformation through a step-by-step holistic and practical process I’ve called the ‘3 I’s of self-love’, which includes the most effective and efficient methods I found, tried and tested by yours truly. Dozens of clients have got the same results I did - a profound shift in the quality of their inner world and an upgrade in the quality of their outer experience to match - although the refinement and presentation of my online course makes it a more simple and straightforward process than the long windy road I originally took!

What I love most about this process, is that although I may be a guide, you are the one who owns it.

"Truthfully, you are always the one that heals yourself, and the results will be all yours."

You can learn how to heal yourself with a self love practice that can literally change your life. If you are ready to look inward, honestly and courageously, and once and for all free yourself from your suffering, open yourself to deep intimacy, to authentic heart-centred expression, creative potential, and joy, then I invite you to take this journey with me: The “Be Beloved” Self-Love Initiation.

Investment £333

Enrolment closes in...

Frequently Asked Questions

I already love myself - does this course still have anything to offer me?

First of all - AWESOME! You rock ;) There are a few things this course would offer, as you probaly know that self love is a lifelong journey that can continually deepen. The tools here would enable you to meet yourself whereever you are at now, and drop into even more self love. For me, this is still always happening, and I love getting new tools to practice :) If self love is something you are really embodying, you may also want to take this course as the pre-requisite to professional training with me.

How much does the course cost?

The two options for right now are: £333 for the live version + free e-course included as a gift (value of £333 by itself) available only until it is sold out - a few places left! £222 earlybird pre-launch price for the e-course only version, available only until the launch date. (Post launch cost £333)

Can I do this another time?

For the live version - No, there are currently no plans for another live course. For the e-course, yes, although this will be the only chance to get it at this price.

What's the refund policy?

For the e-course you can email to ask for a refund for any reason, within 7 days of buying. For the live course there are no refunds, as I already put a lot of time into each participant and begin energetically holding space from the moment we are in touch and book the place. Additionally, it is for a very limited number of people and it may not be possible for someone else to take your place, and this can't happen once the course has started. If you are unsure if it's for you, book a call with Joy, and you can always book a private session to explore working with her more fullly.

Can I do this course if I have a mental health issue?

This course can be deep and transformative and as such can involve working through difficult psychological material. In order to do the course you must be stable enough with an adequate support network in place to be able to feel your difficult feelings and move through them. If you are unsure about whether this is the case, or you have any doubts about your wellbeing now or during the course, stop, and seek therapeutic support. If you have a diagnosed mental health issue, speak with your therapist or team to ask if they would support you through it.

What will I need to participate in the live sessions?

It’s important that you’ll have a reliable internet connection, and a private space that won’t be interrupted and that you feel comfortable to share and express freely in. You’ll be best off with:
- space to move a bit
- comfortable sitting or lying for a while in meditation
- a journal or notebook and pen
- water nearby
- food prepared if you want to eat during the break, as the longest break will be 30 mins

What if I can't make a live zoom session?

You will be included energetically, and afterwards you'll be sent a link to download the recording, and you can find another time to watch it back and participate as if you were there.

What's the difference between a "Retreat Day" and a "Support Session"

Support sessions will include sharing, q&a’s, deepening into what has been covered so far, anything that arises for guidance or support for the group, and finishing with a meditation or journey to best serve the group.

Is this course only theoretical, or will it teach me what to actually do?

The course is experiential and practical, and aimed at you actually doing the exercies in order to get the benefits. However, the practices are grounded in robust theories, taken both from Joy's PhD research and many other great sources, to ensure that you are getting the best quality information and the processes are effective at supporting genuine and lasting transformation. The theoretical grounding is sometimes referred to, to help motivate you to do the exercises, but that is where the real magic happens, even if you don't understand how or why!

What happens during a Retreat Day?

A typical retreat day will include guided meditations and journeys, embodiment, self love exercises alone and in pairs or groups, teachings that explain and motivate the practice group healing and demos of self love healing on some participants, and sharing.

What happens during a Support Session

Support sessions will include sharing, q&a’s, deepening into what has been covered so far, anything that arises for guidance or support for the group, and finishing with a meditation or journey to best serve the group.

What if I don't have Facebook? Can I still be part of the community?

The facebook community is where you can ask questions, share experiences, stay connected and motivated, share mutual support with one another. Some people create a duff account purely to access the group during the time of the course, and hop back off, without getting sucked into the void. If that's not an option for you, you can still get what you need from the course itself, and also can submit assignments and use the 'discussion' function on the course platform and email support when you have a question.

What time committment does the course take?

Attending the days, or catching up on them before the next would be the main time committment. In an ideal world you could create some space around these intensive days to allow for integration and practice of the tools that will be introduced. While days off are totally fine, and to be expected, a general guide is that if you can commit to 10mins / day of practice between sessions to implement what you've learnt and to work throught the online course material then it is a good time to do the course. A small and sustainable engagement will be better than a short term binge, but however you get it done, just do it!

What is "self love"

When you think of love, you might bring to mind feelings of care, connection, kindliness, warmth, well-wishing, wanting the best for, and a willingness to support, attend to, and nurture. Self love is when you are able to direct those feelings inwardly, so that you generate and share them with yourself. You may have love for some of your qualities or attributes but not others (like your intelligence but not your looks, or your sense of humour but not your vulnerabbility). You may have parts within you that got the message from earlier experiences that you are not lovable. Self love is about finding those parts that don't yet feel loved, and extending love towards them so that they can heal and become reintegrated with you. When that happens, we also receive back the gifts that part was blocked from sharing. For example, when your inner child feels unlovavle, this might mean that even though you love yourself partly, there are areas where you get triggered and feel like a child again, perhaps feeling whichever emotions that little one took on (fear, shame, sadness etc) and acting as though its beliefs are true (like that you are unsafe, bad, or not good enough). When you meet and love the inner child, not only can it heal from the negative beliefs and feelings that it was holding, it often has gifts like joy, creativity, spontaneity and playfullness. Once the healing is complete we then have effortless access to these gifts.

Why learn from Joy?

If you resonate with Joy or feel drawn to this, this is a good reason coming from your intuition. Aside from Joy's qualifications and experience in healing and spirituality, the main reason for learning from Joy is that she has walked the path she is lighting for you. Self love has been something she did not have, suffered because of, and then found, using what she now shares here with you.