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Awaken the Healer Within
Be Beloved

Self Love Initiation

3 month course for empaths in the helping professions or with a calling to the healing arts, to end overgiving, overwhelm, and overload, while learning a powerful self healing modality, so you can embody self love and give from abundance

with Dr. Joy Lovesey

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Next Live Teaching Feb-May 2022 
3 month inner odyssey  ​
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Self paced inner odyssey

Who This Is For

Those sensitive souls and empathic ones who are called to be in service to others, who are wanting for that to be more successful, sustainable, pleasurable, and balanced, are invited to initiate into a self love practice, and learn to self-heal your own constraints to serving more effectively, without overwhelm, overload, or burnout. 

If this course is for you, you agree with these statements...

👍 I am an empath, or am highly empathic, and I am either working, trained to work, or called to transition into working in a helping profession (healers, counsellors, therapists, teachers, nurses, carers, support workers, social workers, or another person focussed service profession).

👍 I am willing to change some of my old habits that don't actually serve me and implement new ones in order to feel and therefore serve better.

👍 I want a deeper relationship to myself (and all of life!) and I am willing to look at the icky bits when that's what it takes.

👍 I want more balance in my life between work, relationships, health, family, spirituality, play, and creativity, and to feel a clear sense of purpose in all these areas

👍 I want to have an independent and sustainable self love practice, and want to learn from others (like Joy) so that I can empower myself to do this.

👍 I know I am the only one capable of transforming myself, and I am ready to take responsibility for my own healing.

👍 I am ready to decide powerfully to apply your effort to get the result of more self love and all that this brings.

👍 I have time to either attend or watch later the live sessions (weekly on Wednesday's) plus at least 20mins of independent practice per week

👍 I am comfortable in groups and respect group dynamics and other people's boundaries

If you said "no" to any of these, the LIVE course is not for you, but you would still be welcome to take the self paced version, because self love is for everyone!

If you resonate with any of these statements, then I had you in mind when I created this course…

💓 You are mostly successful in life in an 'outward' way, but something is missing on the inside - you don't experience an ease and fullness of self love

💓 You want to thoroughly enjoy your own company and be able to genuinely fill yourself up with love, and know this will make you better able to serve those you help

💓 You want to be able to fully receive the love, complements, and healing offered to you by others, but you sometimes feel like a sieve, nothing sticks and makes you feel better for long, if at all

💓 You want to heal your inner child by giving them the unconditional love they need and didn't get

💓 You don't feel good enough, and more certificates don't help, so you're ready to do the inner work

💓 You sometimes find yourself burnt-out (or close to it) overloaded, overwhelmed, or exhausted

💓 You feel that other's needs are more important, it's hard to consider your own wants and needs, and to value your own energy as much as others'


💓 You sometimes give even when you don't feel like it - you struggle with boundaries

💓 You sometimes feel your nerves are frazzled or shot, and either run on stress or collapse

💓 You take your work home with you often along with other peoples feelings and problems

If you said "yes" to even ONE of these statements (or more!) then this course is for you: I want to help you get the inside feeling great so that you can give your gifts to all those you help from a place that will help so much more, WITHOUT burdening you anymore!

This journey will empower you to cultivate a beautiful relationship with your self. 
From this foundation, so much else can flow, and you may experience deep shifts in other areas of your life as a result. 🌟


If you aren't sure if you need more self love, or what lack of self love looks like, here are some symptoms of lack of self love, that this course aims to support you to overcome:

  • Poor boundaries

  • A fierce "inner critic"

  • Frequent apologising

  • Self sabotage, including procrastination

  • Not trusting your feelings / second guessing yourself

  • Symptoms from over-empathising (taking on other people’s stuff)

  • Not enjoying your own company or finding it hard to be alone

  • Putting up with less than you deserve 

  • Attracting people with compatible wounds that play out with pain and suffering

  • Co-dependent relationships

  • Being a target for narcissistic abuse

  • Questioning whether your loved ones/clients really love you/respect you, or would still if they knew you better

  • Fearing you will be abandoned or rejected

  • Over-giving

  • Overworking / hyper-achievement

  • Imbalance in life, e.g. successful in work but not relationships, or vice versa

  • Feeling you are not good enough

  • Feeling empty inside

  • Stored unprocessed emotions like loneliness, grief and shame

  • Some forms of self neglect, including poor eating habits, including over/under-eating, poor self care, or tolerating unhealthy people and situations for too long.

Trying to create a sustainable professional practice under these conditions is TOO HARD!!! You are fighting against the inner current. I want to help END THE WAR inside, and give you tools that will empower you to end these patterns and then continue to help others WITHOUT suffering for it! 


The most profound and lasting transformation will be the result of your habitual engagement in the tools and practices offered through this process - for those who participate fully I know that what is taught on this course will be everything you need to get these results.


The vision I hold, and will do everything I can to support you to manifest is that your new normal will be:

  • Enjoying your relationship with yourself so much, and being able to stay present with yourself even in hard times

  • Being comfortable with yourself, finding it easier to express yourself authentically

  • More security from knowing you 100% hold space for yourself, and greater resilience in vulnerability (leading to increased capacity to hold space for others)

  • Knowing yourself intimately, and loving yourself unconditionally (meaning you can love others more unconditionally and be more present with them)

  • Clear boundaries you assertively uphold

  • Feeling clear and purposeful - if you already have a professional practice, this may become more meaningful and enjoyable, and if you've been struggling to get that set up, you will be able to do so

  • Advocating for what you are worth in all areas of life (hint: it is a lot!!!)

  • Passionate self encouragement, self belief, and calm confidence leading to greater success in reaching your personal and professional goals

  • Sweet enjoyment of life’s pleasures, more ease in resting and more joy in playing, and more spontaneous and creative flow

  • Giving from abundance and overflow

  • Effortless healthy habits and self care

  • Magnetic attractiveness to the right people, and more fulfilling and emotionally intimate relationships

  • Feeling whole, and full, and DEEPLY BELOVED

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The journey spirals through the aspects of belief, emotion, embodiment, and spirit so that self love embeds through all levels of being, to create a genuine and lasting transformation inside, and shift in your reality outside  🌟

What  Graduates Say...

“Since taking this course I value myself more highly, and I listen to my own needs and act accordingly. I have learned to not only accept myself for who I am but also to see the beauty within me and love myself for who I am […] I started the course without even knowing what self love felt like. This is only something that I only learned during the course.” - Steffi 🌟

Course Format 

💓 The Be Beloved Self Love Initiation 3 month LIVE immersion 💓

8th Feb - 5th May 2021


This will be a small group to keep that intimate vibe, of fellow empathic souls committed to love themselves and others, and we will be diving deep. The course includes 4 elements: 

Weekly Live Zoom Sessions 

We will meet live on zoom twice per week. One longer call on Thursdays will deliver the key teachings and practices to take into your week and integrate through your own self awareness and practice. The second shorter call on Tuesdays is for whatever is needed to support each of you, and may include coaching, healing, or questions focussing on whatever is needed to deepen the transformation process.


This will be a POWERFUL opportunity: the energies of love (reverence even!) truth, and compassion will be held strongly as the container for your immersion during these 12 weeks. I will tend to the group field and be holding you in healing and prayer for the duration. 

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Online Course Platform (with App)

The self-study smorgasbord of tools, practices, and resources that you can use and refer back to via lifetime access to the awesome and easy online course platform or phone app where you will get week by week:


  • Live footage of self love ceremonies and workshops

  • Teaching videos of 12-steps

  • Guided self healing journeys 

  • Guided meditations

  • Downloadable audios

  • Self love exercises 

  • Pdf downloads

  • How-to’s

  • Examples/ demos and inspiration

  • + Bonuses: 

    • Self Love Yoga session​

    • Self Love Chi Gung session

    • Self Love Conscious dance session

    • Self Love Music Playlist

    • Journal prompts

… This is all thrown in to supplement and deepen the core teachings which will be live week to week, and you will keep lifetime access to this so it will be a comprehensive library as an ongoing companion to you as your self love journey continues and deepens long after the end of the course.

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1-2-1 Healing Accelerator Sessions

I'm offering four VERY powerful 1-2-1 healing sessions, each with a specific goal to accelerate your healing process. While you will get all the tools you need for self healing, these sessions will make the process more efficient and go deeper, clearing decades (often centuries!) of beliefs, stuck programmes and patterns, blocked emotions and more. These will be: 

- One belief clearing session, using Theta Healing to clear, cancel, and delete those unhelpful false beliefs quicker than anything else I know! You'll be prepared with a list of beliefs and we will blast through them in this session.

- One emotional clearing session, using Vortex Healing to optimise the emotional pathways on an energetic level and support releasing and processing emotions on the deepest level on an ongoing basis. 

- One action coaching session, using IFS therapy (Internal Family Systems) to get into the deep reasons for your current patterns of behaviour and understand the way to adopt new healthy, balanced, self loving ones. 

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PLUS one bonus session:

- One integration, activation, or accountability session. This is to use as you need it, and can include any of my modalities or coaching to support you in the best way tailored to the one and only, beautiful YOU!

4 x 90 minute 1-2-1 sessions are bookable at your convenience throughout the course.

Online Community

You’ll also get invited to the community group where you can get extra feedback, support, and inspiration from other beautiful souls in the self love tribe, including me.


It is essential that everyone who takes this journey connects with me first to ensure that it is the right course for your current needs and goals, and that the group will be cohesive and aligned to ensure maximum safety - so I invite you to book a call to connect.


I know that I will be giving all I can to ensure your success, so I want to know I can 100% get behind you and can help you get the results I know this can give. I want you to have the chance to see how you feel speaking with me, to ask your questions, and know if it is a 'YES' in your body and soul, that working with me in this way will help you genuinely get the results I've listed here so you can start to feel excited about this journey together.


I am really interested in the truth of the matter, whether you belong in this course at this time or not, so there is no 'sell' (hard or otherwise) but a chance for mutual exploration of the fit - if not, and you'd like, I may make other recommendations, so you can't lose! Let's chat... schedule it in with my diary link:

  Live Teaching Schedule

The  sessions will be Tuesday & Thursday and the time will be chosen that suits as many people as possible. If you don't want to miss out, please let me know your timezone and availability when we speak!

These sessions are all via zoom, and if you miss them, you'll get the full recording to catch up in between.

12 Step Spiral Transformational Process

Since I've researched this for a PhD project and been a philosophy teacher since 2008, I have created this process with very careful thought to pedagogy and the inner workings of genuine lasting transformation - the result is a 12 step process that includes all of the necessary ingredients: beliefs at the level of mind, behaviours at the level of body, and emotions that bridge them, along with spirit which both transcends and includes them all. Because our beliefs effect our emotions and behaviour, our emotions effect our belief and actions, and our action effects our belief and emotion, genuine change needs to include all of them, and this course guides you in a spiral that moves through these levels in turn three times. This is the 12-Step Spiral. If you work it, IT WORKS!

Each spiral round moves through one step on belief, one on emotion, and one on embodiment...


Step 11-12: Living a life of Self Love


Step 8-10


Step 5-7


Step 2-4


Each step has some or all of these ingredients:

  • Learning (teaching core concepts)

  • Practice (to engage with daily during this step)

  • Exercise (one-off experience to gain insight)

  • Journey (guided inner work)

  • Shift (key perspective change / re-orientation)

  • Journal prompts (increasing self knowledge, illuminating your inner wisdom)

  • Tracking (measuring success)

Here's a summary of each step, along with a few (but not all) examples of the lessons in each step... 

STEP ONE: Introduction to Self Love

We'll get you on the phone app for instant access to all future lessons, get you on the community group for your ongoing supportive input, and guide you on getting the most from the course. You'll start to explore the concept of Self Love and learn the major shift needed in your consciousness to ramp up your self love.


STEP TWO: Intention

The first 'mind' step starts with intention setting, gets some myths about self love out of the way, and starts to identify and overcome blocks to self love. You'll learn how to access unconscious beliefs, dig to core beliefs, and limiting beliefs, and release them.

STEP THREE: Infusion

The first 'emotion' step teaches you the most powerful way to begin loving yourself that does not depend on needing to be any 'better' or different. You'll be able to feel more love in this step, and to create a new, more intimate relationship with your emotions.


STEP FOUR: Invitation

This step invites you to bring the shifts to the level of embodiment and to create new behaviour patterns in line with self love. You will find the right source of motivation for your actions!  We look at meeting your needs, self care, how to show yourself love more effectively, and how to make affirmations work for you (and why they usually don't!)

STEP FIVE: Introspection

Delving into your inner world we will bring your resistance to light, and overcome your blocks. We dig another level deeper with belief work, using cutting edge psychology to support you in self understanding that will allow more compassion to flow.


STEP SIX: Insight

You'll be taken through processes for working with your emotions and how the emotional process works on a deep level to give you mastery over this level of your being, with specific tools like how to transmute emotional energy, how to ground, how to clear other people's emotional energy from your system, and 'protect' your energy from unhealthy influences.

STEP SEVEN: Intimacy

Become your best friend and take this masterclass in boundaries - practical, detailed, and highly effective tools to become a boundary badass! You'll get a masterclass in mirror work, and the simple technique to make this a lifechangingly powerful practice.


STEP EIGHT: Inner-Connection

Transform the inner-critic and shift the kindness of your self talk through these journeys into connection with these parts of yourself, learning how being an empath may have created more negativity and how to release it. Begin to claim your sovereignty, and create a relationship with your heart, allowing it to open, and lead! 

STEP NINE: Integration

The art of emotional integration includes all our feelings, beyond labels of good and bad, and here you'll be guided to heal your core wounds, including your shadow, and to understand your self-protective behaviour.  This step will guide you to a relationship with your emotions where they become a reliable guidance system.


STEP TEN: Inspiration

Learn to re-parent, heal, and allow your inner child to play through you to reclaim its qualities of creative inspiration, spontaneity and fun, play, wonder, joy and innocence. Journey to your "Golden Shadow" to reclaim and embody those most beautiful and light qualities that you've hidden, repressed, or denied, to live as your fullest self.

STEP ELEVEN: Initiation

This is the culmination of all your good work - with the deep unconscious blocks cleared, your beliefs aligned with your truth, your emotions and actions lining up, and self love flowing through you, this step supports you to uncover your purpose, write vows for your self love ceremony, and perform a self initiation ritual into the life of self love you will now live.


STEP TWELVE: Innovation

This step supports you to make your self love practice your own, to whittle down the most powerful teachings and practices of the previous steps and curate your own ongoing self love practice. In this step you can fully claim your own self healing ability. You are also invited here, now your own cup is full, to explore how this can be applied to support others in your profession.


Included with this course are three special lessons brought to you by practitioners who have crafted their modalities into a special 'self love' session for you to use, follow, and repeat as often as you like. These are 40mins-1hr each. 


- Conscious Dance for Self Love

- Yoga for Self Love

- Chi Gung for Self Love

Additional Bonuses


JOURNAL PROMPTS - This collection of prompts are a standalone course by itself, and include audio prompts for verbal answers as well as written prompts to support different learning styles and preferences, and cover a wide range of topics to get into the heart of the matter and illuminate key topics with your own powerful insights. 


Journal Prompts - Eleven sessions, on: 

- Getting to know Self Love

- Getting to know joy

- Getting to know your body

- Getting to know resistance

- Getting to know emotional intimacy

- Getting to know your boundaries

- Getting to know your inner-critic

- Getting to know your shadow

- Getting to know your "Golden shadow"

- Getting to know your purpose

- Getting to know integration

“I have learned ways to practise self care and I have applied them. I have learned to show myself as much understanding and respect as I have shown others. I have learned that I need to be consequent when setting boundaries. I have started to accept and love myself for who I am, in all of my facets.” - Steffi 🌟

About Joy

Hi, I'm Joy, and I'd like to share my story with you because it is through my own transformation that this work has evolved. If I could have been there for myself when I was suffering the most, this course is what I would have given myself. If I had it at the time, my life would be unrecognisably different, but what I am most grateful for about the suffering I experienced, is that it has given me the blueprint for the way through this which I'm now in a position to offer to my soul-tribe. 

This is how this course was born: It was 2am in the Winter of 2010, and I was still a few hours from finishing a 5000 word chapter of my PhD on the dynamics of inner transformation. Even though my eyes were tired from reading and writing about what inner transformation was all about, learning all about the interplay between beliefs, emotions, and behaviour during the process of conversion and how it leads to life-long changes in moral outlook, behaviour, availability for divine grace and divine love, and the meaningfulness and purpose of life, nothing felt further from my actual experience. 

Joy laugh.png

"My five year research project, while it got a lot of accolades, internally felt like a frantic attempt to prove I was worthy"

I was trapped in my head - which was convenient as I was neck deep in books - but my life and soul felt empty… a dim shadow of the fullness I saw others enjoy. That wasn’t all - I was often overwhelmed by my emotions, and much of the time unable to contact how I was feeling at all. I was beset by depression and anxiety. I had no idea how to relax. My relationships were a war zone, my inner-critic was an unforgiving drill sergeant,  and my inner child a frightened refugee… frankly, I was miserable. I didn’t know what was wrong, and while I felt that there was something missing, I had no idea what, or how to find it. I genuinely saw no way out. This was my “normal”.


In that dark time, in the dead of that winter's night, it was somehow easier to notice my inner light - a quiet voice inside telling me not to give up. I knew intellectually, that merely knowing things doesn’t change much. I knew that I needed to live differently. So I made the decision: the pain of trying something new that might help, was less of a risk than continuing to live with the same struggles. I chose to put one foot in front of the other, and to try some new things in order to begin to heal.


"What unfolded for me, along the very lines I had set out in my theory of the conversion process. I can summarise this transformation in five words: I learnt to love myself."


At first I just experienced glimpses - an inkling that more was possible based on experiences I had when on retreat, during peak moment and in flow states, and when under expert facilitation on workshops and training courses. However, these changes were not lasting, and as soon as the experience ended and I went back to my life the same patterns came up again, the same habits and struggles reoccured. I knew I couldn’t live (or afford!) going from workshop to workshop, retreat to retreat, seeking and pursuing a temporary relief from my “normal” state.


A big ah-ha moment for me was learning that I was highly sensitive and an empath, and that explained why some facilitators, healers, and settings, didn’t really work for me - I needed a high level of sensitivity and attunement to really meet the needs of my inner child, and I learnt that the very best person in the world to do that for her, was me. So I consciously decided and set the intention to take full responsibility for my own healing, and to learn how to love myself. When a conversion happens there is no going back because the person you are irrevocably changes, and this was what I was seeking: lasting positive change. A new normal!


"My path - my healing path and spiritual path - became the way of Self Love."


I didn’t realise it at the time, but the model I’d created in my PhD could be generalised, and I was the first test subject for my transformational self love process that was based on this research, which drew from some of the greatest thinkers and mystics who have written on this area. I traded in late night essay writing sessions for early morning self love practices, reading every book and implementing every exercise I could get my hands on, and furthered my training as a healer. It took courage, work, and diligence to work through everything I needed to learn to love within me. It didn’t take long before I felt noticeable differences within myself, and my life took on a different quality, that felt increasingly guided and meaningful, although there were still blocks thrown up when I moved towards actualising my healing abilities, because I still felt overloaded with other people's emotions.


"I still avoided public crowds and supermarkets, so I knew the journey wasn't over! I didn't want to keep hiding from life..."


I internalised some of the practices that I felt were effective, and went deep with them. I created some of my own, too, and found ways to refine and deepen the practices, with the benchmark for success always being the quality of my own experience. One moment at a time, one small action, one thought, and one feeling at a time, love found its way deeper and deeper into my system, until that empty feeling was replaced with a feeling of aliveness, the painful loneliness gave way to connection, the deep pervasive sadness made space for joy, and the quiet despair turned into purpose. It was only after finding self love that I was able to turn to my true calling. I had not managed to truly serve others in the way I felt I could, before this happened. 

"Once I loved myself, the patterns that help me back softened and I could follow my calling to establish a successful healing practice."


When I think and feel back to that earlier time in my life I feel deep compassion for my younger self. I see a woman who did not know her own worth, value, and beauty, and who therefore allowed herself to be treated in terrible ways, including by herself. I want to hold her, to look her in the eyes, and tell her how truly amazing she is, and how worthy of love! And if you resonate with any of the pain I have described, I want that for you too!

"My deepest wish is for all beings to be free from suffering."

I teach and guide other highly sensitive and empathic souls to make their own lasting transformation through a step-by-step holistic and practical process I’ve called the ‘12 I’s of self-love’, which includes the most effective and efficient methods I found, tried and tested by yours truly. Dozens of clients got the same results I did - a profound shift in the quality of their inner world and an upgrade in the quality of their outer experience to match - although the refinement and presentation of my online course makes it a more simple and straightforward process than the long and windy road I originally took! People love the grounded and clear teaching. 

What I love most about this process, is that although I may be a guide, you are the one who owns it.

"Truthfully, you are always the one that heals yourself, and the results will be all yours."

You can learn how to heal yourself with a self love practice that can literally change your life. If you are ready to look inward, honestly and courageously, and once and for all free yourself from your suffering, open yourself to deep intimacy, to authentic heart-centred expression, creative potential, and joy, then I invite you to take this journey with me: The “Be Beloved” Self-Love Initiation, to AWKEN THE HEALER WITHIN...

“I found the journeys and meditations very powerful. The meditations gave me a lot of insight into myself and the journeys just felt natural to me. I was able to go quite deep into the journeys and I always came out of them feeling very happy.” - Steffi 🌟

Investment for Live course

£1333 - £1888

I want this course to be accessible, even though the value is beyond price, and this investment is far below its value. I offer an investment in this range of prices based on means, so that it is more accessible to those with less, and still great value to those with means. This is subject to a phone call with Joy - it is important for the safety and success of the group that every one has a phone call (or has worked with Joy before) so that the group energy will be cohesive and aligned.
Book your call to apply - course starts in...


Self-paced e-course ONLY

There may be reasons that the upcoming live course is not for you - maybe: 
- You can't wait that long to get started?
- You aren't good with groups?
- You can't make the calls?
- You can't make the full investment?

In that case, you can opt for the self-paced online course, available immediately, for life. (This is included for free when you enrol in the live round.) It includes everything you need to work through  integrate the teachings and practices independently, and it includes the course platform (including app) and access the online community, but doesn't include the live sessions or 1-2-1 healing sessions. If you want to do the self-paced online course alongside a 1-2-1 coaching and accountability package, so you can do it with the support and depth of real time sessions with me, hit that 'book a call' button you've come to know and love, and if you're not sure what to do... yup, you guessed it! 


Frequently Asked Questions

I already love myself - does this course still have anything to offer me?

First of all - AWESOME! You are rocking it ;) There are a few things this course would offer, as you probably know that self love is a lifelong journey that can continually deepen. I'm constantly deepening in my own practice of self love, so I'm sure there would be a lot this course could offer you, if that's what you want. If you work with others you may also want to take this course to have more tools to share with your clients and/or as the pre-requisite to professional training with me.

Can I do this another time?

For the live version - I don't currently have any dates booked for another live round, although this may happen the following year. If you can't do it at this time, consider the self-paced online course which you can start anytime and have access to forever.

What's the refund policy?

You can email to ask for a refund for any reason, within 7 days of buying the self-paced online course, no questions asked. For the live course, you can ask for a refund any time up to the start of the course, but as this is for a very small group and your place will not be fillable after this time, there are no refunds beyond this - this is why it is important to have a call first and be feeling great about your choice to join in before commiting. However, in some circumstances, you may be offered to transfer your investment to a future round of the course or another course.

Can I do this course if I have a mental health issue?

This course can be deep and transformative and as such can involve working through difficult psychological material. In order to do the live course you must be stable enough with an adequate support network in place to be able to feel your difficult feelings and move through them, and for the live version, be comfortable holding your space in a group and sharing in a group. If you are unsure about whether this is the case, or you have any doubts about your wellbeing, I recommend that you seek therapeutic support. If you have a diagnosed mental health issue, speak with your therapist or care provider to ask if they would support you through the self paced version of the course. You may find that accompanying the self-paced course with 1-2-1 sessions with me would allow you to do the course safely, so get in touch if you want to talk this through.

What will I need to participate in the live sessions?

It’s important that you’ll have a reliable internet connection, and a private space that won’t be interrupted and that you feel comfortable to share and express freely in. You’ll be best off with:
- space to move a bit
- comfortable sitting or lying for a while in meditation
- a journal or notebook and pen
- water nearby

What if I can't make a live zoom session?

You will be included energetically, and afterwards you'll be sent a link to download the recording, and you can find another time to watch it back and participate as if you were there. You can send me your questions beforehand and I will answer them during the call.

What happens during the self love live teaching sessions?

These sessions will deliver the key teachings in a simple and practical way, and there will also be space for additional material which will be guided depending on the needs of the group each time, and may, include q&a’s, deepening into what has been covered so far, anything that arises for guidance or support for the group, opportunity for sharing, a 'hotseat' coaching opportunity, or guided meditations, journeys, or exercises to best serve the needs of the group on the day.

Is this course only theoretical, or will it teach me what to actually do?

The course is experiential and practical, and aimed at you actually doing the exercies in order to get the benefits. However, the practices are grounded in robust theories, taken both from Joy's PhD research and many other great sources, to ensure that you are getting the best quality information and the processes are effective at supporting genuine and lasting transformation. The theoretical grounding is sometimes referred to, to help motivate you to do the exercises, but the practice is where the real magic happens, even if you don't understand how or why!

What if I don't have Facebook? Can I still be part of the community?

YES! Without a facebook account you can still get what you need from the course itself: You can use the 'discussion' function on the course platform and can share experiences and questions there, and can email support too, as well as participate in the live sessions where you will also be a part of the community. The facebook community is another place where you can ask questions, share experiences, stay connected and motivated, and share mutual support with one another. Some people create a duff account purely to access the group during the time of the course, and hop back off, without getting sucked into the void, but this is in no way necessary to get what you need from the course.

What time committment does the course take?

If you do the self-paced course, you can take as long as you like and fit it around your existing commitments. Working through the course material is totally flexible and can fit in your own schedule. A general guide is that if you can commit to 10mins / day of practice (or the same amount in a concentrated session at least once per week, or however you best digest it) then it is a good time to do the course. In addition, attending the live sessions will help process and deepen your experience of the course, as well as this meaning you will have the inspiration of live connection with Joy and the community, personalised support based around your questions and needs. These will take 1-2hrs weekly.

What is "self love"

When you think of love, you might bring to mind feelings of care, connection, kindliness, warmth, well-wishing, wanting the best for, and a willingness to support, attend to, and nurture. Self love is when you are able to direct those feelings inwardly, so that you generate and share them with yourself. You may have love for some of your qualities or attributes but not others (like your intelligence but not your looks, or your sense of humour but not your vulnerability). You may have parts within you that got the message from earlier experiences that you are not lovable. Self love is about finding those parts that don't yet feel loved, and extending love towards them so that they can heal and become reintegrated with you. When that happens, we also receive back the gifts that part was blocked from sharing. For example, when your inner child feels unlovavle, this might mean that even though you love yourself partly, there are areas where you get triggered and feel like a child again, perhaps feeling whichever emotions that little one took on (fear, shame, sadness etc) and acting as though its beliefs are true (like that you are unsafe, bad, or not good enough). When you meet and love the inner child, not only can it heal from the negative beliefs and feelings that it was holding, it often has gifts like joy, creativity, spontaneity and playfullness. Self love means feeling this sense of welcome to all the parts of us, and then have effortless access to these gifts. This is a very short attempt to describe something that you will know deeper and deeper throughout the 3 months of the course.

Why learn from Joy?

If you resonate with me (Joy) or feel drawn to this, this is a good reason coming from your intuition. Aside from my qualifications and experience in healing and spirituality, the main reason for learning from me is that I has walked the path I am lighting for you. Self love was something I did not have, suffered because of, and then found, using what I now share here with you. I embody what I teach, and the transmission of the vibration of self love in my teachings comes across and can deepen the power of this journey for you.

What if I buy the Self Paced course NOW and then want to do the live course?

Great question! Trying the self paced course is a great way to see if my teaching resonates and you want to go deeper, so I love this option! To make this a no-brainer, if you sign up for the self paced course now, and then you want to do the live course, book a call with me for the live course, and mention on that call that you've already got the self paced course - I'll give you a discount code for the full cost of the self paced course to be taken off the live course. So you literally can't lose!