The chakras are the energy centres of the body. By aligning and harmonising these, huge shifts and deep healing can occur in all areas of life. The Root Chakra is located at our base, by the perineum. It governs our feeling of embodiedness, safety, and belonging, in our bodies and tribes, as well as the legs, feet, sexual organs, and lower back.


“I release disconnection, pain, & fear! I call in vitality, grounding, & freedom from dis-ease! I am at home!”


If these statements resonate with you, you may benefit from working with this essence as either a Spritz or an Elixir to bring in the desirable energies to the body, auric field, and your home or healing space.


  • Select a Spritz to infuse your aura with the desired vibration, or to lift, bless, or cleanse a person or a space with the desired energy.
  • Select an Elixir to imprint the vibration into your body, working more deeply to realign your energetic system and harmonise with the high vibration of the Elixir.


This essence holds the energy of vibrational essences of crystals of Garnet, Ruby, Tourmaline, & Quartz, which have been programmed with the highest vibrations and empowered in the light of the solstice sun and the full moon. It is aromatherapeutic, as it has been combined with Angelica Root essential oil*, along with alcohol to preserve the vibrations, and purified and infused water.


*Contained only in Spritzes. (Only food grade ingredients are in Elixirs.)





Shake gently and spray around your aura, another person, or the room. A few sprays is enough, but you can use it intuitively. Do this anytime you would like support for the healing you intend, opening and harmonising to allow for your expansion, or a lift in spirits! Keep it in your handbag or apothecary, car, shelf, or workplace, just avoid direct sunlight for extended periods.





  • Take a conscious breath as you use it, and set an intention for the healing you would like.
  • Wear, or surround yourself with the colour of this chakra - red!
  • Carry, hold, or meditate with any crystals that are contained in the essence, or any crystal you have of the colour of the chakra you are working with.
  • Put your hands on the area of the Chakra you are working with, breath deeply into the area, and imagine healing light pouring into the area and filling it up.
  • Why not book a session to lie in the crystal web this was made from! Once this powerful realignment has taken place the Elixir and Spritz can maintain that energy and continue the healing. Get in touch if you are interested in arranging a healing session.

Root Chakra 50ml