This book is available for pre-order. It's in the final editing process, and I'm open to pre-orders now for those who'd like to support the final push to release this. As a gift to those who purchase during the pre-order phase, I'll also give away as a free gift, an exercise book called "The path to self-love" with tonnes of self-love practices and everything you need to get a self-love practice underway. Here's what you'll get in the e-book:


Heal yourself with self-love


Chapter 1: Learning self-love

Chapter 2: Fear, Intimacy, and Self-Love

Chapter 3: Emotional Intimacy

Chapter 4: Loving Fear (and reclaiming excitement)

Chapter 5: Loving Anger (and your boundaries)

Chapter 6: Loving Shame (and the Inner-Critic)

Chapter 7: Loving Joy (and the Inner-Child)

Chapter 8: Integration and Healing


Here's just a sample of a few of the exercises you'll get in the exercise book (I'll leave some for a surprise!): 


The path to self-love


- Mindfulness practice for self-love

- Belief work

- Knowing and meeting your needs

- Learning your self-love language

- Mirror work

- Boundaries exercise

- Communicate with love exercise

- Self-love meditation




Heal yourself with Self-Love