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Spiritual Guidance

Personal Transformation 

Emotional Integration

Self Love


The goal of coaching with me (Joy!) is to gain self-mastery and the tools you need to self-support through your own growth and transformation.


If you are ready to embrace your purpose and overcome the blocks to your best life, I can be a skilled guide supporting you stay in alignment with your intentions and put into practice the rituals that will lead to personal success - whatever that means to you!​

My coaching specialisms are in spirituality, personal transformation, emotional intelligence, Self Love, and inner child healing.


My approach draws on my varied experiences and skills, guided by intuition and divinity, to offer a unique session suited to you. 

Coaching packages are to aid you from the start (setting your clear intention) to finish (achieving the goals you set) and so work best as regular sessions over a period of time that will allow for your transformation to occur and integrate.

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Healing Sessions for

Trauma - Inner-Child - Karmic and Ancestral Healing - Shamanic Healing - Blueprint Reset - Alignment - Harmonising and Nourishing Energetic Flow

Healing sessions are often a welcome relief for those moments when you feel stuck.


You may have reached a point where you are done with suffering, had enough of the same symptoms holding you back, and are ready to face things, make change, and heal.


Yet you may not know exactly how to do it... self-healing, personal transformation and spiritual awakening were not taught at school, after all! 


Joy will always support you to moving back to self-practice and to empower you to self-heal, but understands that the shifts that can be created in healing sessions are often needed to make that possible.


Often, deeper feelings can emerge and deeper healing is possible with an empathetic witness for your process, and as a highly sensitive, empathetic and compassionate space-holder, Joy will tune in to your energy field to support you in the best and highest way that she can.

Joy intuitively moves between modalities to best suit the needs of the individual.


Since 2003 Joy has undergone training, qualification, research, and practice in many modalities which she combines and draws from in her own way.


Influences in her current way of working include meditation, Reiki, Barbara Brennon Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing®, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Internal Family Systems, Inner-Child, Master Plant teachers, Angelic Healing, Transformation, Emotional Intelligence and Self Love coaching, and emotional process and shadow work taught by the Masters' Centre for Transformation.

The aim of any healing is restoring you to your own divinity and divine connection, so that you can manifest your own healing and live in your power, truth and purpose.


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