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A message from Joy about COVID-19

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With the current pandemic we are seeing that the usual emotional management tools and opportunities people use for health and well-being are no longer accessible. That drink, chat with friends, spa day, window shopping… there are fewer distractions and alleviations to the suffering lurking underneath the surface of the “I’m totally fine” visage we often wear. Yes, it can look pretty bleak.


However, this could actually be an amazing opportunity - amongst all the inconvenience, annoyance, fear, and limited freedom, there is also an invitation. The invitation is to take the chance to pause, and the opportunity to see what’s inside us (rather than perpetually focusing attention outside) because what you need to heal will be more visible and available at the surface now. If you are ready to change your relationship to yourself, your relationship to your loved ones, and your relationship to Life, from disconnected, surface level, or unsatisfying, to deeply loving, intimate, and sacred, read on.


There has never been a more important time to focus on the art of Self Love - it is a crucial factor in family harmony, intimacy in relationships, and enjoyment of one's own company. It is vital to learn new tools (and perhaps in many cases, healthier tools) to support and manage strong emotions, mental and emotional well-being, and also provide tools to navigate relationships at this time of forced proximity. 


The best thing is that learning Self Love and tools for emotional integration is something you don’t need any special tools or equipment for, and can be done right now from home. 


While zoom was something I was not overly keen to use, I have had some great experiences of deep healing work on zoom and feel confident we can create a strong and safe and deep groupfield in this way. I have also come to appreciate the advantages, especially as a sensitive person, that I have my own space, home comforts, no travel, and my puppy nearby! I hope that the zoom format will allow greater inclusivity 💓


With love,



“If you want to love others the best you can, can you be willing to love yourself to make that possible?

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The Journey Towards Health and Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love... 


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