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The Story of the Crystal Heart

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The Crystal Heart you see today has not always been in a pristine crystalline form. The young Heart was wounded, and it hurt. This was a gift of hard grace - an Initiation - but the young Mind didn't know this, and was sure that it must protect against ever feeling the pain of the Heart because it was too awful to feel. So the young Mind struggled and suffered, and feared that if it stopped holding on, it would die.


Finally, exhausted, it was too much for the young Mind and it could suffer no more. It surrendered, and the pain of the wounded Heart was felt. The pain was exquisite, and it was beautiful in its tender yearning, and the wounded Heart broke open. Letting go, releasing, and allowing itself to become still and silent, the Heart could now hear the subtle song of the universe singing through it. The Heart felt its own precious aliveness and gave thanks. 


The Crystal Heart has become more beautiful than it could ever have been without its wounds. Every facet of the crystal has a story that began in suffering, emerged through healing, and transmuted into the pure crystalline structure that you see today.  


“If you are moved by the beauty of the Crystal Heart, are you willing to also be moved by the pain that created it?”


The Crystal Heart shines with compassion only because it has known great suffering, and feels the suffering of others deeply. The Crystal Heart teaches you to move into the pain life offers us, to accept it with gratitude as a great gift. If you accept the teaching of the Crystal Heart, you will learn to receive your pain with open arms and palms and heart. You can cry tears of grief that break your heart open once more -  deeper still - until your tears turn into tears of gratitude and you know yourself, know your brothers and sisters who share your pain, and know that we are all divine. 


“If you are grateful for the Crystal Heart, can you also be willing to feel gratitude for every tear and scar that shaped it?”


The Crystal Heart loves you unconditionally, because it has long sat beside the worst of its own shadows, and found love for it all. Your own Crystal Heart is shining the light of love within you now. If you are willing, if you say a simple “yes” it will light up the darkness within you, illuminating all that you are, and you will see that you are all that you have ever longed to be, you have everything you need, and you are unconditionally lovable because you are, have always been, and will always be, love itself. 

“If you love the Crystal Heart, can you also be willing to love yourself?

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The Journey Towards Health and Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love... 


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