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Do you belong here?

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It’s shocking considering my life today that I can honestly say each and every one of the list of symptoms of a lack of self love I've listed used to be my life. And I didn't even realise some of it, as it was my normal.


I feel so much compassion for that version of me - and honestly from the bottom of my heart, for you too if you still suffer even one thing on that list. It sucks. And sucks more if you don't know the way out. I feel so much gratitude for that younger me who had the balls to finally say enough is enough, to make a firm commitment to love myself (even though I didn't yet know how!!), and to heal, and to wake up, and to be the best me I could be so that I could truly serve and be part of the light this world so badly needs. That was a hard call, made a lot easier by the intensity of my suffering - at my low points I had panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue as a sizable side dish to the list above. When the alternative sucks worse, we'll try anything, right!?! 


If you don't love yourself the way you would like to - the way it seems that some people do - I want you to know it is not your fault. It is not because you are unlovable, faulty, broken, defective, or any other reason that has to do with your worth at all. And you don't need to be any "better" (stronger, smarter, sexier, thinner, richer, funnier) to be 100% beloved by you. I am absolutely certain of it. And it doesn't matter what you've done, what has happened to you, what people have told you or led you to believe… You. Are. Lovable. I also want you to know it doesn't have to be this way - this can totally change and transform and the light of self love can heal and awaken you. If you are willing. That willingness is key. You don't need to start by loving yourself, but only by being willing to love yourself. If you have this longing, this tribe is for you.

This tribe is for those brave souls who want to go deeper into self love. For those who, on a mental level, are ready to release limiting beliefs. Who wish for more mental space and clarity, more of a supportive voice in their mind and a looser grip from their inner critic. 


This tribe is for those brave hearts who are ready to embrace their emotional world without apology, and to find love and compassion for all of their emotional states. For those who wish for more clarity about their feelings, to communicate them more authentically and effectively, and to honour them with impeccable boundaries. 


This tribe is for those beautiful beings who want to embody this self-loving version of themselves, not only when they are feeling good, but in all situations, and to be able to confidently interact with the world with clear open-hearted communication from a place of self love. 


This tribe is not only for those who recognise the real longing for these things and are ready to commit to making them a lived reality - it is also for you if you inwardly shrink or shy away from these wishes and longings because parts of you don’t feel it is possible, don’t feel deserving, or don’t dare to dream that this could all be your truth. I get it. But that is the very reason why this is for you: because these beliefs are not the truth, and you are free to choose truth. You don’t have to believe it yet for it to be possible.


“If you want to love others the best you can, can you be willing to love yourself to make that possible?

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The Journey Towards Health and Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love... 


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