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Awaken the Healer Within
Be Beloved

Self Love Initiation

The 'Be Beloved' 9week portal to awaken self love to fill the emptiness and end the longing, by learning a powerful self healing modality, so you can self source and embody abundant love
with Dr. Joy Lovesey

Next Live Teaching Feb-May 2022 
3 month inner odyssey  ​

Those sensitive souls and empathic ones who are called to be in service to others, who are wanting for that to be more successful, sustainable, pleasurable, and balanced, are invited to initiate into a self love practice, and learn to self-heal your own constraints to serving more effectively, without overwhelm, overload, or burnout. 

Investing in this course, is investing in the MOST PRECIOUS thing you have. Yourself. Getting this fundamental piece right can be a complete gamechanger across all of your life. Giving yourself this gift, is saying YES to: 

💝 Receive a transmission for a self healing modality 

💝 Welcome parts of your consciousness home - leading to more presence and self awareness

💝 More energy (less energy wasted on your inner conflicts)

💝 More compassion flowing in your body, and the natural protection that offers

💝 A supporting and encouraging inner voice (transformed inner critic)

💝 Trusting yourself and self validating (then being more authentic and unselfconscious)

💝 Accepting yourself as you are, letting go of striving to be good enough


💝 Being on your own team, getting things done without the sabotage

💝 Better relationships - you teach people how to treat you the way you treat yourself

💝 Feeling safer and more secure in yourself even when vulnerable, (increasing your capacity to hold space for others)

💝 Re-programming abandonment and rejection fears. 

💝 Giving and receiving in balance, and from abundance and overflow

💝 Easeful work life balance

💝 Feeling full, whole, and complete

💝 Feeling good about your accomplishments, accepting praise and celebrating more

💝 Effortlessly taking better care of yourself and your needs

💝 More ease in resting and relaxing and more joy in playing, and more spontaneous and creative flow

💝 Knowing yourself intimately, and loving yourself unconditionally 

💝 Freedom to give your gifts more fully, with clarity of purpose

💝More love in your life

💝 An embodied felt sense of self love available to you for the rest of your life: Being Beloved!


"When you embody self love, miracles can happen, healing is natural, and you magnetically attract love from outside too, but it starts as an inside job" 🌟

Book a call with Joy 

It is essential that everyone who takes this journey connects with me first to ensure that it is the right course for your current needs and goals, and that the group will be cohesive and aligned to ensure maximum safety - so I invite you to book a call to connect.


I know that I will be giving all I can to ensure your success, so I want to know I can 100% get behind you and can help you get the results I know this can give. I want you to have the chance to see how you feel speaking with me, to ask your questions, and know if it is a 'YES' in your body and soul, that working with me in this way will help you genuinely get the results I've listed here so you can start to feel excited about this journey together.


I am really interested in the truth of the matter, whether you belong in this course at this time or not, so there is no 'sell' (hard or otherwise) but a chance for mutual exploration of the fit. I will give you my honest view, and if it's not a good fit I may make other recommendations, so you can't lose! Let's chat... schedule it in with my diary link:

The journey spirals through the aspects of belief, emotion, embodiment, and spirit so that self love embeds through all levels of being, to create a genuine and lasting transformation inside, and shift in your reality outside  🌟

Investment for Live course

The results you'll get are, of course, priceless. It will also pay for itself many times over in the ways you will be able to thrive and offer deeper gifts once you are operating from self love. Life responds to this vibration powerfully, and I am confident this has enormous value way beyond a monetary amount. ​​


I want this course to be accessible, even though the value is beyond price, and this investment is far below its value. 

To book the course with all the elements EXCEPT the 1-2-1 sessions (totalling 6hrs of 1-2-1 time throughout the course to use on what you most need) you can book at the lower cost of: 


Payment plans available on request.

Book your call to apply - course starts in...

Ready to go?

If you've worked with me before, or we have already spoken together about the course, and you are ready to book your place, go ahead and click this link to go to my checkout page where you can pay and get access to the course platform. There is some pre-work there and some resources to get you started today. 

Thank you 💖
With Love, 

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