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Transform your inner world

With Dr. Joy Lovesey

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The self-Love Initiation

What this course offers is a complete and comprehensive held journey of self-healing to wake up to unconditional love for yourself, and find as a result, that you can live authentically from the heart, and attain emotional mastery. Here is what is on offer:

  • Lifetime access to an online 9 month programme (or fast track in 3 months)

  • Hours of videos divided into bitesize lessons 

  • Downloadable audio guided journeys and meditations 

  • Downloadable PDFs with how-to guides on tonnes of topics

  • Exercises and workbooks

  • Membership of the online community

  • 3 week held small private group mastering mirror-work*

  • 3 week held small private group reparenting the inner-child*

  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching and healing with Joy. Three online 90min sessions to include: Belief work session; Energy Healing sessionEmotional Integration coaching session.*

  • Cacao ceremony package (all ingredients and full guide posted)*

  • Monthly webinar Live Group Coaching session (2hrs each)*

  • Online live Masterclass on taking the teachings further*

  • Intensive tailored 1-2-1 coaching programme**

(* included in Gold package. ** included in Platinum package)

Learning to love yourself, as I teach on this course, involves the willingness to love every part of the self - that means every emotion, every shadow-part, every forgotten dream… Learning how the key emotions operate and drive us, and having mastery of solid tools to integrate them so that we can act from love towards ourselves and others, is a crucial life skill. The aim of the course is that on completion you will: 

  • Be willing to love yourself not just despite the things you struggle with, but love yourself for them

  • Experience unconditional love, and greater compassion

  • Love yourself right now for exactly who and what you are in this moment - independent of qualities like beauty, success, or personality traits

  • Be able to accept more love from others (from complements to passionate declarations of love!)

  • Safely contact and feel emotions that have been buried or dissociated from

  • Process and transmute unintegrated emotions for more inner balance and peace

  • Express emotions in healthy ways, with clear communication

  • Experience your inner voice (your mind) become kinder and more encouraging

  • Relate to and re-purpose the inner-critic

  • Contact and re-parent your inner-child

  • Learn to set and uphold clear effective boundaries

  • Communicate from the heart more easily and effectively

  • Be able to experience more intimacy with yourself and others

  • Be a stronger magnetic point of attraction for that which you desire most

  • Have a clearer path towards your own purpose in life

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Testimonials Highlights Reel 1
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What excited or attracted you to work with Joy on the course? 
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What challenges or issues did you bring to the course for healing?
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What positive effects have noticed from the course?
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And… do you love yourself more since doing the course?
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What graduates say...

Is this for you?

Who is this for? If you resonate with any of these statements, then I had you in mind when I created this course…


  • You are aware that you struggle with self-love

  • You struggle with an “inner-critic” or negative thoughts that affect your quality of or enjoyment of life

  • Regardless of how many complements or how much love you receive from others, you struggle to let it in

  • Relationships are mostly unsatisfying compared to what you long to experience in relationships

  • You want to feel more energised, passionate, creative, and alive

  • You want a deeper relationship to Life and are open to something more

  • You want techniques that you can integrate and use independently for a sustainable practice 

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own healing

If you resonate with this, I truly hope you will join me and enrol yourself on this course!

Book your discovery call with Joy here
During your complementary, no obligation exploration session with Joy you will... 

- Discover and clarify your main blocks to self-love

- Implement a tool right away to improve self-love (offered by Joy based on your specific block

- Explore if the e-course on self-love is a good fit for you, based on your healing goals

- Discuss your questions about the e-course with Joy personally

Start your journey now...
The course content

keep reading for the full course outline and details

the journey begins...

The Journey

The programme is in 3 parts, and each part guides you through a 3 level approach to create a change, using a combination of videos, audios, pdfs, and exercise resources to give you what you need to do each of these step for yourself. They are easy to understand and follow and you will get out as much as you put in.


Each of the 3 parts focus on three key dimensions of the intra-personal dynamic of conversion: the cognitive dimension; the affective dimension; and the dimension of praxis. The cognitive dimension focusses on the mind, and sets the scene for the rest of the shifts to be compatible with your beliefs (whether conscious or unconscious). The affective dimension focusses on the emotions, and teaches you how to use the energy of emotion and process it effectively for transmutation and integration. The praxis element focuses on embodiment, behavioural changes, and practices like rituals or ceremonies, all with the intention of bringing the mental and emotional shifts into the world, through the vehicle of your body, so that things actually change. 


Understanding occurs at the mental level, but is not enough for change. Emotions bridge between the mental and the physical. All three elements interact with and influence both the others, meaning: the mind affects the emotions and your behaviour, your emotions affect your beliefs and thinking as well as your behaviour, and what you do at the physical level affects your mental and emotional experience too. A change at any one of these levels will have an effect on all of them. But by working on all three levels the deepest and most lasting change occurs. 


These three elements can work in a spiral, and focussing on them in turn repeatedly deepens the shift each time. I have used the model I developed in my Phd, along with the vast experience of other authors and inspirational leaders and teachers on the subject, as well as my own channeled and intuited wisdom from my own connection to source, to bring to the world the most comprehensive yet direct pathway to self-love that I can. I am proud of the result, and of the results of every client who has taken this journey already. 

Course Outline


Part One: From Intention, through Infusion, to Initiation




  • Learn the power of your intention, and set a clear intention

  • Learn the real role of the mind in manifesting (it is not as simplistic as the law of attraction and I won’t ask you just to “think happy thoughts!”)

  • Get your mind on your side (reduce self-harming, self-critical thoughts, repetitive thought cycles, and other mental challenges)

  • Develop a mindfulness practice, and cultivate more awareness

  • Assess where you currently are on your self-love journey

  • Implement belief work tools to discover unconscious limiting beliefs, and change them




  • Learn about the nature of emotions and the human energy system

  • Contact emotions that were buried or dissociated from 

  • Learn to access the feeling of love in any moment

  • Learn a technique to connect with yourself emotionally, and become your own therapist and best friend

  • Utilise the power of hypnosis for emotional healing

  • Put into practice self-loving emotional self-care techniques




  • Learn how to utilise inner change to manifest improvements in your life

  • Learn how to create a sacred altar as a focal point for your process during the course

  • Learn to create your own ceremonies and rituals, and to open and close sacred space in your own chosen place 

  • Initiate yourself into the life you want to create, and into a loving relationship with yourself


Part 2: From Introspection, through Immersion, to Intimacy




  • Learn a reconceptualisation of the connection between mind body and emotion and a key way to use this for your healing

  • A tool to bring what is unconscious into consciousness at the right pace

  • A method using focus and attention for contacting key emotions

  • Finding a language to begin to describe emotional experience




  • Reframe the relationship you have with the emotions of fear, anger, and shame

  • Make friends with fear

  • Learn the protective quality of core anger and release the energy stored in it

  • Learn the positive role of healthy shame in moral integrity

  • Increase your capacity to feel, process, and transmute fear, anger, and shame




  • Learn tools for effective and intimacy building communication 

  • Learn to have and uphold healthy boundaries

  • Learn the 4-steps to emotional intimacy

  • Increase your skill in cultivating intimate relationships

  • Embody emotions and learn how to “let go” of them



Part 3: From Interconnection, through Integration, to Inspiration




  • Connect with, nurture and heal your inner-child

  • Learn how to become a healthy parent to the child-parts of yourself

  • Learn to relate to rather than from your inner-critic

  • Learn to connect to the wisdom of your higher-self

  • Create a harmonious “inner-family” in your mind, allowing kinder, more encouraging mental dialogue

  • Free yourself from self-sabotaging habits (like comfort eating)




  • Learn how your emotions are a point of attraction (and can make you more attractive!)

  • Learn to bring healing to your heart

  • Learn to integrate emotions you have repressed, suppressed or denied

  • Move deeper into your heart-space and access its wisdom

  • Tap into the feelings of longing and excitement as a roadmap to your purpose

  • Contact and integrate your “golden shadow” - your hidden creativity, power, and awesomeness




  • Learn to access a creative flow state

  • Come into a deeper more interactive relationship with Life

  • Create a vision board for the life you deeply long to live

  • Learn to perform a powerful manifestation ritual to bring this vision into reality


On top of this content, you also get access to the “initiate only” online community where you can receive personal feedback and support from both myself, Joy, and the community of likeminded souls as you share your experiences there. 

The Schedule

The opening date for enrolment on this course is 23rd April 2020. You can elect to take the course over a 3 or 9 month period. The content will be made available over a 3 month period, and you can choose to move through the content in one of two ways:


9 month rebirth process


Choose to take the lessons at a steady pace, with room to use and integrate each step fully. This is a great option for those who may have less time each day or week to spend on the course, for those who prefer to really absorb things before moving on, or for those who are looking for a lasting change that moves at a steady and sustainable pace, rather than racing ahead or rushing. 


12 week spiral process


Choose to access content quicker and move through it at a more intense pace. This is a great option for those who like to move quickly, and who have more time to dedicate to their transformation. The best recommendation for this option, is to circle round through the process 3 times - with each repetition getting deeper. Spiralling through the process like this can lead to deeper transformation over a 9 month period, for those who learn more through repetition than thorough first-time integration.

The Investment

The cost for this entire process on all packages if you enrol now is hugely discounted compared to its value, and future price. I'm offering three levels, to accommodate those on a budget, as well as those really committed to their transformation and willing to invest in this. The silver package still includes everything you need, although you will get more depth from the support offered in the gold package. The platinum package is only available to a very small number of students and is an opportunity to make shifts at the deepest level, getting tailor made content in addition to what is included in the course, and have the fullest level of holding and support from Joy throughout the process. As the platinum package is a profoundly deep level of work, it is required to have at least one coaching session with Joy pre-enrolment to ensure it is suitable. (You're still welcome to reserve your spot now, a full refund will be offered if necessary). 


Silver Package

Course + Community


Price today: £333

(Regular Price: £888)


Gold Package


All in Silver +

Group & 1-2-1 Coaching +

Held groups + Masterclass

Price today: £888

(Regular Price: £1883)


Platinum Package


All in Gold  + 1-2-1 coaching 90mins fortnightly for 9 months.

Price today: £2222

(Regular Price: £3333)

About Joy

keep reading for the full course outline and details

A familiar story?

Hi, I'm Joy, and I'd like to share my story with you because it is through my own transformation that this work has evolved. If you see yourself in my journey, this is for you - if I could have been there for myself when I was suffering the most, this course is what I would have given myself. If I had it at the time, my life would be unrecognisably different, but what I am most grateful for about the suffering I experienced is that it has motivated me to be in a position to offer it to my soul-sisters.


 The younger me was motivated from a place of not feeling good enough, and feeling like I needed to work and do do do in order to be worth something. I was totally in my head.   I was out of touch with my body and its needs, and comfort ate all the time. I was often overwhelmed by my emotions, and much of the time unable to contact how I was feeling at all. I was beset by depression and anxiety, at its worse I couldn't leave the house and had daily panic attacks. I had no idea how to relax. I had codependent relationships with uncommitted men, and even abusive relationships with narcissistic men. I found it hard to be in my own company because of a fierce inner-critic and an empty feeling inside… frankly, I was miserable, didn’t know what was wrong, and thought life would always be that way. It was my “normal”. 

On the outside I looked pretty successful. I got plenty of admiration and praise for my achievements (although I couldn’t take any of it in!) But I felt that there was something missing. I had no idea what, or how to find it. I used my only toolkit at the time: my mind. For my Phd thesis in philosophy I created a theory about the dynamics of religious conversion, which is a transformation from one inner state to a radically different one - like when people find god and turn their life around, or go from coach potato to health guru. I examined the interplay between beliefs, emotions, and behaviour during the process of conversion, that leads to life-long changes in moral outlook, behaviour, availability for divine grace and divine love, and the meaningfulness and purpose of life. I’ve realised that this is a model that can be generalised outside of a religious context too, and the self-love transformational process that I have created here is based on this 5 year research project, which drew from some of the greatest thinkers and mystics who have written on this area. I didn’t realise it at the time, but this was a key part of a huge personal journey, where I underwent a conversion of my own. 

What unfolded for me, along the very lines I had set out in my theory of the conversion process. I can summarise this transformation in five words: I learnt to love myself.


At first I just experienced glimpses - an inkling that more was possible based on experiences I had when on retreat, during peak moment and in flow states, and when under expert facilitation on workshops and training courses. However, these changes were not lasting, and as soon as the experience ended and I went back to my life the same patterns came up again, the same habits and struggles reoccured. I knew I couldn’t live (or afford!) going from workshop to workshop, retreat to retreat, seeking and pursuing a temporary relief from my “normal” state. So I consciously decided and set the intention to learn how to love myself. When a conversion happens there is no going back because the person you are  irrevocably changes, and this was what I was seeking: lasting positive change.


I read every book about self-love I could get my hands on, and did every exercise I heard of. It took courage, work, and diligence to work through everything I needed to learn to love. It didn’t take long before I felt noticeable differences within myself, and my life took on a different quality, that felt increasingly guided and meaningful. I internalised some of the practices that I felt were effective, and went deep with them. I created some of my own, too, and found ways to refine and deepen the practice, with the benchmark for success always being the quality of my own experience. One moment at a time, one small action, one thought, and one feeling at a time, love found its way deeper and deeper into my system, until that empty feeling was replaced with a feeling of being whole, the painful loneliness gave way to joy, the deep pervasive sadness made space for aliveness, and the quiet despair turned into purpose. 


When I think and feel back to that earlier time in my life I feel deep compassion for my younger self. I see a woman who did not know her own worth, value, and beauty, and who therefore allowed herself to be treated in terrible ways, and treated herself in terrible ways. I want to hold her, to look her in the eyes, and tell her how truly amazing she is, and how worthy of love! And if you resonate with any of the pain I have described, I want that for you too! 


My deepest wish is for all beings to be free from suffering.


I have cultivated this into a step-by-step process I’ve called the ‘3 I’s of self-love’, and those who I have already guided through this process have experienced the same or similar results to those I did - a profound shift in the quality of their inner world. I've included only and all of the most effective practices that I still use every day. I wouldn't be without them! These skills and practices enables me to live a rich life filled with purpose, in a deep and committed relationship first and foremost, with myself. I wholeheartedly believe that the self-love and commitment to myself is what allowed me to manifest the amazing relationship with my partner (and our puppy!) and to cultivate a beautiful sacred connection of understanding, support, and passion.


What I love most about this process, is that although I may be a guide, you are the one who owns it - truthfully, you are the only one that can heal yourself, and the results will be all yours. You can learn how to heal yourself with a self-love practice that can literally change your life. If you are ready to look inward, honestly and courageously, and once and for all free yourself from your suffering, open yourself to deep intimacy, to authentic heart-centred expression, creative potential, and joy, then I invite you to take this journey with me: The Self-Love Initiation. 

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A message from Joy about COVID-19

With the current pandemic we are seeing that the usual emotional management tools and opportunities people use for health and well-being are no longer accessible. That drink, chat with friends, spa day, window shopping… there are fewer distractions and alleviations to the suffering lurking underneath the surface of the “I’m totally fine” visage we often wear. Yes, it can look pretty bleak.


However, this could actually be an amazing opportunity - amongst all the inconvenience, annoyance, fear, and limited freedom, there is also an invitation. The invitation is to take the chance to pause, and the opportunity to see what’s inside us (rather than perpetually focusing attention outside) because what you need to heal will be more visible and available at the surface now. If you are ready to change your relationship to yourself, your relationship to your loved ones, and your relationship to Life, from disconnected, surface level, or unsatisfying, to deeply loving, intimate, and sacred, read on.


There has never been a more important time to focus on the art of self-love - it is a crucial factor in family harmony, intimacy in relationships, and enjoyment of one's own company. It is vital to learn new tools (and perhaps in many cases, healthier tools) to support and manage strong emotions, mental and emotional well-being, and also provide tools to navigate relationships at this time of forced proximity. 


The best thing is that learning self-love and tools for emotional integration is something you don’t need any special tools or equipment for, and can be done right now from home. I have been working night and day on this to bring it out as soon as possible, as I feel it is needed now more than ever! Please do spread the love and share this, if you know someone who may resonate with this too! 💓


With love,