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Transform your inner world

With Dr. Joy Lovesey

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The self-Love Initiation

What this course offers is a complete and comprehensive held journey of self-healing to wake up to unconditional love for yourself, and find as a result, that you can live authentically from the heart, and attain emotional mastery. Here is what is on offer:

  • Lifetime access to an online 9 month programme (or fast track in 3 months)

  • Hours of videos divided into bitesize lessons 

  • Downloadable audio guided journeys and meditations 

  • Downloadable PDFs with how-to guides on tonnes of topics

  • Exercises and workbooks

  • Membership of the online community

  • 3 week held small private group mastering mirror-work*

  • 3 week held small private group reparenting the inner-child*

  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching and healing with Joy. Three online 90min sessions to include: Belief work session; Energy Healing sessionEmotional Integration coaching session.*

  • Cacao ceremony package (all ingredients and full guide posted)*

  • Monthly webinar Live Group Coaching session (2hrs each)*

  • Online live Masterclass on taking the teachings further*

  • Intensive tailored 1-2-1 coaching programme**

(* included in Gold package. ** included in Platinum package)

Learning to love yourself, as I teach on this course, involves the willingness to love every part of the self - that means every emotion, every shadow-part, every forgotten dream… Learning how the key emotions operate and drive us, and having mastery of solid tools to integrate them so that we can act from love towards ourselves and others, is a crucial life skill. The aim of the course is that on completion you will: 

  • Be willing to love yourself not just despite the things you struggle with, but love yourself for them

  • Experience unconditional love, and greater compassion

  • Love yourself right now for exactly who and what you are in this moment - independent of qualities like beauty, success, or personality traits

  • Be able to accept more love from others (from complements to passionate declarations of love!)

  • Safely contact and feel emotions that have been buried or dissociated from

  • Process and transmute unintegrated emotions for more inner balance and peace

  • Express emotions in healthy ways, with clear communication

  • Experience your inner voice (your mind) become kinder and more encouraging

  • Relate to and re-purpose the inner-critic

  • Contact and re-parent your inner-child

  • Learn to set and uphold clear effective boundaries

  • Communicate from the heart more easily and effectively

  • Be able to experience more intimacy with yourself and others

  • Be a stronger magnetic point of attraction for that which you desire most

  • Have a clearer path towards your own purpose in life