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The Cacao Ceremony Creation Course

"Life is a Ceremony.
Every Moment is Sacred.
You are the Medicine...
...This is a rite of Passage."

6 weeks from spiritually blocked to sacred ceremonial creatrix

Self-paced e-course enrolment now OPEN
Next Scheduled Live Course - 2022 (Dates TBA)

with Dr. Joy Lovesey

✨ Students of the self-paced course will be offered places first on the live round, and will receive a discount at least equal to the investment on their self-paced course - so start now, and still join for the next Live with nothing to lose ✨

What this course offers is a complete and comprehensive set of resources to guide you to create and confidently hold your own personal, powerful sacred Cacao Ceremonies along with potent rituals for manifestation, heart opening, emotional healing, tapping into your higher guidance and inspired creativity.
A toolkit for using ceremony to heal and awaken, designed especially for sensitive souls and empaths.

What is it?

Attending Cacao Ceremonies and performing rituals under the guidance of a space-holder can be a transformational and sometime life-changing experience.


This course will empower you with all the steps you need to safely perform these rites in the comfort of your own home (or favourite nature spot!)

You Get:


- Lifetime self-paced access to the online course (videos + pdfs + audio via Kajabi online + app)

- Membership to the private facebook community

- Attendance to online live ceremonies where you can participate in live practices + Q&As

- If you can't make lives, email your questions and listen to the re-run video. 

Mockup for Cacao Ceremony Creation.png

On completion, the result is that you can:


  • Be confident to create your own ceremonies for yourself

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship to spirit

  • Have tools to bring about self-healing

  • Receive your own higher guidance and set intentions from your own wisdom

  • Have the know-how to manifest your intentions powerfully and safely

  • Express your creativity in new ways

  • Access your deep inner wisdom

  • Open your heart more deeply

  • Unlock your ability to hold sacred space

Is This For You?

Picture 14.jpeg

If you resonate with any of these statements, then I had you in mind when I created this course…

  • You are curious about or already love Cacao, and would like to learn from this ancient plant teacher!

  • You would like to learn and become confident to: create altars, open and close sacred space, hold space in for your own ceremonies and rituals

  • You would like to become clearer about what exactly you want to manifest in your life - to find more purpose and meaning on your path in life

  • You would like to become a powerful manifestor to create the life you want

  • You are curious about spirituality, or are ready to deepen your practice

  • You would like to have more spiritual connection

  • You want to feel more energised, passionate, creative, and alive

  • You see the value in being more heart centred, and are ready to connect more with your heart

  • You want techniques that you can integrate and use independently for a sustainable self-healing practice 

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own healing

If you are called to this, I truly hope you will join me and enrol yourself on this course!



Course Syllabus

Here's a summary of each week, along with a few (but not all) examples of the lessons in each week... 

WEEK ONE: Setting the Space

You'll be getting everything ready, including your self, and your chosen ceremonial space, and you'll be learning some key info about Cacao and Ceremony before you begin using them. 


WEEK TWO: Ceremonial Preparation

You'll learn to use the power of Intention, and will formulate your intentions for the course and your first ceremony. This intention will guide your altar creation and you will set up an altar in your ceremonial space which can stay in place for the duration of the course. 

WEEK THREE: The Ceremonial Container

Here you'll learn the art of opening and closing sacred space, and will be invited to choose a prayer or create your own prayer based on the guide you'll get. You'll also learn about what it means to "hold space" and how to hold space for yourself during a ceremony. Making it this far means you have the basics to create your first ceremony. 


WEEK FOUR: Ceremonial Space

Now the super fun part! We focus on things you can use your ceremony for, and you'll be invited to make your own ceremony (or ceremonies!) and follow my sessions to learn tools for self healing, energy management, and how to use them to find insights on issues close to your heart by connecting to your higher self and spirit guides. 

WEEK FIVE: Deepening the Ceremony

This is where it gets really deep and as well as being guided to do a shamanic journey to meet the Spirit of Cacao, you'll also learn how to do a Shamanic Journey for yourself so that you can continue to meet and ask the spirit or your guides for support and inspiration. You'll also learn the art of creative channelling which can take your creative passions to the next level and free you up for inspiration to pour through you, and learn to conduct a powerful manifestation ritual. 

SLI Weeks Mockup.png

WEEK SIX: Integration

Some wisely say that the real healing and lessons come when we integrate the ceremony into our day to day life. This week will focus on how to integrate the teachings you receive in your sacred space to live a more sacred and connected life, and turn to these tools as you're called to day to day. From here you're invited to focus on how your ceremonies will be unique and how you can bring your other passions and skills to the ceremony.


✨ You'll forge a lifelong relationship with the spirit of Cacao by doing a 'dieta' which means 'special diet' where you will consume Cacao each day for 5 days and refrain from certain other things, so that you can really learn and feel the vibration of Cacao. 


✨ You'll get teachings and guided meditation for heart centred living.


✨ Music you can use in your ceremony



Joy pouring Cacao.png

Hi, I'm Joy! I had a 6 month initiation with the sacred medicine Cacao in 2016 that drastically changed my life.


I had a profound healing experience which led to a deep heart opening, and I made a sincere commitment to be in service to Love. I have been working as a Ceremonial space-holder, healer, and self-love teacher since then. Part of my service now, is to offer what I can to support others in finding their own self-healing, inspiration, manifesting potential, and self-love.


I love seeing others become empowered with their inner wisdom, so that they can walk their spiritual path, embody their personal medicine, and give their gifts, in harmony with others and with nature.


My courses aim to lift you up, to show you that you are already enough, and don't need to wait any longer to create your ceremony and perform rituals that will enhance your life, deepen your relationship to spirit, and free up the creative expression of your soul.


It's based on what I have learnt myself about holding ceremony, and I know how well it works because I use it all the time in my own life, in meaningful and enriching ways. I pray it brings you everything you hope and more!


With love,