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Meet Joy

Healer, Teacher, Facilitator, Writer

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My professional life has been two-sided - a teacher, and a healer.


As a teacher, I enable students of philosophy of all levels to master the mind, think clearly and effectively to consider logically the great questions in life. My PhD thesis offered a theory of the intra-personal dynamics of spiritual transformation, which informs my current practice. As a healer, I empower clients to master their energy and emotions, to come into alignment and find their deepest purpose and joy in life.


My years of energy healing training and experience with clients, began with Reiki training and Vipassana meditation in 2003, and has included Full Spectrum Healing (Barbara Brennan), Vortex Divine Energy Healing, Theta Healing, Shamanic Healing, Angelic Healing, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, emotional process and shadow work taught by the Masters' Centre for Transformation, and extensive personal work inspired by many writers, seers, spiritual teachers, master plant teachers, and therapists, bringing me then to Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.

The ah-ha moment of discovering IFS has tied everything together in a model which I now work and live by, and working with it continually and deeply inspires me.


Once my personal transformation was underway, I discovered that these two seemingly different worlds (philosophy and spirituality) converged in a synchronistic way, and I realised that I had been working towards (without realising!) everything I needed to be able to teach and guide others to make their own lasting transformation and to impart the most effective and efficient methods I found for miraculous healing and deep Self Love.


I found my calling and purpose in life, and realised that I had been moving (often blindly) towards it the whole time - even the suffering was necessary, playing its vital role in leading me out of it in just the right way for me to feel deep compassion and know the route home to show others. I am truly grateful for this.  


May all beings realise their most intimate longings!

Joy's story...

A journey of transformational healing

My journey has been a windy one. Before I had awareness of my energy, my empathing was in overdrive as a way to compensate for chronic emotional neglect. Along with the positives of high empathy, I was also picking up far too much and not releasing healthily - I would either avoid certain public places altogether or use unhealthy strategies to manage my state to cope with them.


Despite my best efforts, throughout the years I suffered from chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, complex-PTSD, and other somatic symptoms from the chronic stress and fight-flight response of my fried nervous system. My lack of good interpersonal boundaries also landed me in relationships where I experienced co-dependancy, narcissistic abuse and domestic abuse.


While I would wish it upon no-one, I am profoundly grateful for all these experiences shaping the wise, empathic, sensitive and loving woman that I now embody. What this transformation took in me was a sincere intention and desire to heal, and the willingness to face, rather than flee, my pain. With this in place, synchronicity and grace played their roles, and I have been blessed to study, train, and heal with some exceptional healers, mentors and therapists.

I am honoured to be able to pay these gifts forward to my friends and clients. Because I have learnt from the inside how to make the transformation to the state of self sovereignty, and how to succeed as a healer without all of the symptoms I used to experience, I have a lot to share so that this transition can be easier for others. 


My deepest wish is for all beings to be free from suffering.
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I found Joy to be the most intuitive and caring therapist that I've ever worked with.

“I found Joy to be the most intuitive and caring therapist that I've ever worked with (I’ve worked with many, including some of the UK’s most highly regarded) I can’t even begin to put into words the positive transformation that happened. Highly highly recommended as the most naturally gifted healer that I’ve ever had the privilege receiving help from”

- Matt

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Awaken The Healer Within:
Be Beloved
Self Love 
Crystal Heart Cacao Ceremony Creatrix
Online Self Paced Course

Healing Sessions
Spiritual Community Events and
Personal Retreats
in Bristol
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With her natural capacity to listen and attune herself to the emotional state of others, Joy has always made me feel genuinely accepted and heard.

"Joy displays the humbleness and the compassionate empathy present in those who have undergone deep work on themselves which has led to a commitment.


Her selfless, peaceful and mindful listening inspires transformational processes and offers a new light to observe our patterns and detect our strengths and our motivation in life.


Joy's ceremonies allow us to explore our inner world with a calmer and clearer mind, thanks to attentive dedication and valuable moments of guidance and sharing.


Joy infuses her work with a sense of the sacred that comes from an inner place of integrity and presence, where she welcomes everybody with simplicity and generosity.


One of the things I take most from her ceremonies is the sense of serenity and the feeling of being part of a bigger picture. This is refreshing and regenerating, and it creates the space for a wider look and a shift in life.”

- Edoardo

- Matt

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