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Awaken the Healer Within

for highly sensitive souls & empaths to overcome constraints to empowerment and thriving and actualise their healing gifts.
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I work with highly sensitive souls and empaths to realise their calling to the healing arts, allowing them to offer their gifts of exquisite sensitivity and empathy in service to the healing and awakening process, and to realise their goal of supporting others with their healing process without burdens or burnout.

Programmes, Courses & Sessions

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Online courses and trainings for empathic and sensitive souls to awaken, heal, master their energetics and emotions, and actualise their calling to healership.

1-2-1 Sessions online and face-to-face (Bristol, UK)

Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart Cacao Ceremony Creation

Healing Sessions
Spiritual Community Events and
Personal Retreats
in Bristol
Resources and Digital Products
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Hi, I'm Dr. Joy Lovesey

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I'm the founder of Crystal Heart.


The vision of Crystal Heart is close to my heart, as it emerged from a spiritual quest for my purpose, as part of an initiation into my mature adulthood (at the ripe age of 35). In the midst of a spiritual experience, the inspiration, vision, and importance of this project was clear to me, and since that time I have aligned myself with its creation.


I am deeply aware of the damage that this world is able to do on sensitive children who feel deeply, and of how common it is for children to become empathic to fill in gaps in their emotional needs. The result is adults who are amazing in many ways and areas, but with some fundamental unmet needs, and with areas that really need love and attention to mature and to bloom.


I know in my heart that all empaths could be amazing healers, if that is the path they are called to. Crystal Heart is dedicated to providing courses, trainings, and therapeutic sessions to support the healing and awakening of such adults. Once the missing pieces in their emotional and spiritual development are there, the full realisation of their potential in life can be reached.


I know that the gifts that empaths can give once they have actualised their calling is beyond measure, and their healing gifts can change the lives of many. 

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A Welcome Gift

I'd love to offer you a gift.

This is a guided meditation for you to download and use for:

Centering yourself in your heart

Increasing presence with yourself

Gently calming the mind 

It can be used regularly as training for a heart led life. I hope you get as much from it as I have :)

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